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Weekly Update | August 31, 2018


August 31, 2018

Dear Urban Academy Families,

Thank you to all of our families who joined us for the Back to School Barbeque. We welcomed a large number of new families to the school. It was a full yard of excited students and families who connected after a summer away. This has always been a wonderful tradition at UA and both staff and families look forward to it.

At the Back to School Barbeque event you received an outline of parking and drop-off as well as a map of the streets that can accommodate our drop-off and pick-up parking. We have attached those outlines to this email. Please take some time to go over this and leave time on the first day of school to park and have your child on time for instruction. We have many more families joining us and we are committed to safe practices for getting all of our students in to school and home again.

We know that there are still families experiencing difficulty with uniform delivery from InSchoolwear. It would seem that they have encountered some issues as they open their first store to serve BC schools. We will be understanding regarding the students’ uniform in the opening weeks of school as this gets sorted out and pieces arrive. If your child has no uniform yet, a white shirt and dark pants (no denim) are just fine to get started with. If they do have uniform, they will, of course, wear it. Thank you for your patience and be assured we have been clear with InSchoolwear that we expect the issues to be cleared up as soon as possible.

On the first day of school you will receive one copy per household of the Parent Handbook and the Uniform Manual. Youngest students will receive the Student Handbook to take home as well. Students grade 3 and up will retain their copy at school while they work through it with their teachers to understand their obligations as students directly. Please take some time to go over the handbook and to discuss the applicable portions of it with your child.

I am very pleased to introduce you to an outstanding group of educators at Urban Academy.

Teaching Staff and Assignments

Mrs. Vassev Junior Kindergarten (Robson)

Mrs. Power Junior Kindergarten (Robson)

Ms. Schmidt Kindergarten (Robson)

Ms. Burnside Kindergarten (Robson)

Ms. Scali Grade 1 (Robson)

Ms. McEwen Grade 1 (Robson)

Ms. Leeson Grade 2 (Robson)

Ms. O’Byrne Grade 2 (Robson)

Ms. Kost Grade 3 & Junior Team Lead (Robson)

Mrs. Wilson Grade 3 (Robson)

Mr. Leclair Grade 4 & Senior English (Uptown)

Ms. Mailley Grade 4 (Uptown)

Ms. Reston Grade 5 (Uptown)

Ms. Labrie Grade 5 (Uptown)

Mr. Edmondson Grade 6 & Grade 7 Math (Uptown)

Mr. Gow Grade 7, Grade 8 English, Social Studies 7/8 (Uptown)

Ms. McKnight Primary French (Robson & Uptown)

Ms. MacDonald Senior French and Music (Uptown)

Mr. McDiarmid Primary PE and Music (Robson & Uptown)

Mr. Twaites PE (Robson & Uptown)

Ms. Herman Math & Science (Uptown)

Mrs. Brooke Drama and Senior Social Studies (Robson & Uptown)

Ms. Budd Visual Arts (Uptown)

Ms. MacLeod Career Ed & Senior Team Lead (Uptown)

Ms. Hau Associate Teacher (Robson & Uptown)

Mrs. Cheryle Beaumont
Head of School