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The physical and mental health of Urban Academy students is as important as their studies. Every student from JK – Grade 12 takes part in a dedicated, age-appropriate social emotional education program. Urban Academy teachers also focus on ensuring the mental well-being of our students and help equip them with lifelong tools such as mindfulness, self-regulation, stress management and self-care. Physical wellness is also of paramount importance and includes active recess and breaks, PE program, outdoor education opportunities and nature exlporation.


Urban Academy is proud to have two Social Emotional Counsellors on staff. These roles support students of all ages in one on one situations, and works with classroom teachers to help direct and resource Health & Career classes or guide situations that may emerge throughout the year. The team-based approach ensures that students are well cared for and given the supports that they require. Our Heath & Wellness teacher also works with K-Grade 5 students to help incorporate healthy and mindful habits to set a strong foundation for the mental health of all students.

wellness programs

The programs used vary by age and need of Urban Academy students. Programs such as Zones of Regulation are helpful shared language used by our youngest studnets and the Open Parachute Program is integrated into the timetables of all students from K-12. Each of these science-centric programs explore positive psychology, social/emotional learning and mindful awareness and are tools that Urban Academy teachers embrace in their health and wellness instruction. As students mature, the focus of the various programs develop with them, to ensure that the material students are working through is as relevant as possible. These programs are woven throughout the school day, and provide teachers with lessons that can be brought to life in the classroom through immersive discovery and daily practice to drive collaboration, positive behaviour and a productive working environment.

junior programs

Junior School Students benefit from daily age-appropriate social, emotional and physical education. Throughout the school year, they also take part in theatre performances and workshops that cover social/emotional topics, tolerance and growing up. Students learn the importance of mindful living, self-regulation, community-building activities, and a balanced lifestyle. Developing resilient young learners is at the forefront of each child’s educational experience, as students enjoy both indoor and outdoor learning opportunities.

middle & senior program

Middle and Senior students have many different aspects of their lives to balance on any given day. Taking time to ensure our students are healthy, and coping well with the demands of growing up is integral to UA teachers. They begin meeting in Grade 9 with an academic counsellor to discuss future goals and plan for post-secondary application success.

Opportunities to master new skills, take risks and spend time in the outdoors are proven ways to further develop resiliency and confidence. As a result, students take part in many experiences outside of the classroom that help to connect curriculum to bigger picture thinking and new opportunities that enhancing self-esteem.

Urban Academy students also compete in a number of sports against other ISABC and GVISAA (Greater Vancouver Independent Schools Athletics Association) schools. Students who sign up for teams are expected to commit to that team/sport for the remainder of the school year. Competitive sports such as soccer, track and field, basketball, volleyball and fencing allow Urban Academy students to enhance their teamwork skills, take responsibility, demonstrate leadership and build confidence.