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students from far and wide


International students represent a small percentage of our community that makes a huge impact. We help students become global citizens, and exposing them to new perspectives, cultures, and friends from abroad presents a unique opportunity for international and local students alike.

7 easy steps

International Student Acceptance Process

Complete and submit the application package

This includes the International Student Application Form as well as supporting documents that include a copy of a passport, copy of student visa (if available) and official transcripts (translated into English by Official Translator) for the current year and a previous year as well as the $250 application fee. We also request a letter of reference from a teacher that will be supplied to a current teacher of the student. Photocopies of transcripts Photocopies of transcripts and school records must be certified with a school stamp. Failure to submit these documents could result in a delay or the application not being processed.

Applicant screening

Urban Academy screens the application package and supporting documentation. Screening will include overall educational background, academic achievement, English proficiency, travel expectations, and a number of additional criteria.

Applicant Assessment & Interview

Members of the Admissions Committeee will conduct an assessment and interview with the applicant and family. Further details will be provided to the family in advance of the assessment and interview.

Admissions Decision

After the Admissions Committee reviews the information gathered and results of the interview, admission may be offered. If acceptance is granted, an acceptance letter and invoice will be sent to you, and payment will be due within two weeks of the acceptance date. Space will only be held for two weeks.

Receive formal acceptance

Once we receive tuition, you will receive a formal letter of acceptance and payment confirmation, which the embassy requires to process a visa.

Apply to the Canadian Embassy, Consulate, or High Commission for Study Permit

Approval may take a number of months to process. The event of a visa denial (proof of denial required) is the only instance in which the tuition and consolidated fees are fully refundable.


Once your visa is accepted, it will be time to celebrate and look forward to giving your child an incredible education experience on Canada’s West Coast.

2024–2025 international tuition & fees

Kindergarten – Grade 12


Kindergarten – Grade 5


Grade 6 – Grade 9


Grade 10 – Grade 12

Additional Fees


New Student Fee
Upon Enrolment to K–12


Grad Program Fee
Grades 10-12


Re-Registration Fee
February Upon Re-Reg

Due Dates:

Full payment of tuition is due within two weeks of acceptance. These fees are non-refundable. The only case in which tuition is refundable is if the student visa has been denied. In such cases, the denial letter must be submitted to the school for proof of denial.

Payment Options:

Visa, MasterCard, personal or company cheques, or wire transfer. Late payments or NSF cheques will result in a $50 service charge per incident. Please note that a 2% administration fee will be applied for credit card payments.

Application Fee:

$250 per new student. Applications will not be accepted without this nonrefundable fee.

K–12 New Student Registration Fee:

$3,000 per new student entering Urban Academy’s K–12 program.

Re-Registration Fee:

$150 per student. Due upon receipt of contract for students returning in the second and subsequent years. This fee is non-refundable.

Graduation Years’ Activity Fee:

$500 per student registered in Grades 10–12. This fee will be used to offset costs associated with the Graduation Years Program such as travel for university visits, grad events, and other opportunities connected to the UA Grad Program.

Urban Academy offers a sibling discount program for primary or blended families with a shared parent: 5% discount for the second child and a 10% discount for any additional siblings. The discount will be applied from oldest to youngest, starting with the oldest child as the full-pay student.

 1st Child2nd Child
5% Off
3rd Child
10% Off
K–Grade 5:$26,100$24,795$23,490
Grades 6–9:$26,800$25,460$24,120
Grades 10–12:$27,500$26,125$24,750