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Urban Academy is structured for every child to thrive and feel empowered to achieve their best. Our policies are created by school leadership, both staff and board, and are focused on ensuring the safety of all students and further developing a well run organization. Our policies reflect a community that is working together in an inclusive and cooperative way to achieve shared goals while setting expectations and communicating procedures.

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Strategic Plan

Urban Academy has launched our 2023–2028 Strategic Plan. This plan is the work that we will do as board, community leaders and staff in order to prepare our students for the future and ensure a strong and vibrant organization that will grow and develop into the future. By committing to a shared vision, and welcoming families who wish to journey alongside us, we will continue to create an environment that will prepare students, staff and families for the future.

Annual Reports and Financial Statements

Every year, in advance of the November Annual General Meeting, the community receives the annual report that shares highlights and accomplishments from the previous school year. In addition to the Annual Report, audited financial statements are distributed in order to create a clearer picture and better understanding of Urban Academy’s position. We encourage families to review these documents as we are part of a community that is working together in a shared mission.

Parent Handbook

The Parent Handbook is a resource for parents that outlines expectations, responsibilities, communications processes and opportunities that exist in and around the school. It is a reference guide to key contacts and roles within the school as well as policy and practice around day to day operations. Please use the Parent Handbook as a first stop to any questions you may have as the information families seek is likely contained in this guide. 

JK & Kindergarten Preparation Handbook

This resource is for families in Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten with information and tips to make starting school easier and what to expect during the first school year.

Grades 6–12 Course Planning Guides

We are excited to share an overview of the rich opportunities available to students entering Grades 6–12. These packages outline the courses available to students in Grades 6–12 where Urban Academy adds additional opportunities, courses and initiatives above and beyond the required curriculum.

Grades 6–12 Supply List

The list of items that our Grade 6–12 students will require for the school year. JK–Grade 5 student supplies are included in tuition fees.

School Calendar

This is our calendar for the 2024/25 and 2025/26 school years. The calendar is subject to change and families will be notified of any changes that may occur during the year.

Uniform Manual

This manual outlines what uniform pieces are mandatory as well as overall expectations with regard to student comportment.

Volunteer Driver Policy

This is our policy on the requirements for any volunteers who drive on behalf of the school for field study or special events.

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Urban Academy Accessibility Plan


The Accessible British Columbia Regulation, under the Accessible British Columbia Act, came into force on September 1, 2022. These regulations identify schools as prescribed organizations, school districts, and independent schools will be required to have an Accessibility Committee, an Accessibility Plan, and a tool to receive feedback on accessibility by September 1, 2023. The goal of the act is to improve opportunities for people with disabilities and involve them in identifying, removing, and preventing barriers to their full participation in the life of the province.


Please find the ISABC Accessibility Plan (text version) and ISABC Accessibility Act (graphic version). If you would like to provide your feedback on the plan please use this feedback form. Questions, comments, or feedback regarding the collective ISABC Accessibility Plan may be directed to Bonnie Fisher, bonniefisher@isabc.ca.


Urban Academy has developed this barrier reporting form that allows members of the community to include information about their accessible experiences. Responses can be anonymous, or a name and contact information can be provided if wished to be contacted.

Urban Academy Communicable Disease Plan


We are pleased to share with the UA community our ongoing plans to keep students and staff healthy and safe. We work on an ongoing basis with our community and follow the guidelines and directives as set out by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, and the Provincial Health Officer to ensure the safety of everyone at Urban Academy. Our Communicable Disease Plan provides the information that students, parents, and guardians require to understand the protocols that are in place to ensure everyone’s safety. All members of the community will be required to follow the protocols outlined within the plan in order for it to be successful.

Please find the Urban Academy Communicable Disease Plan by clicking the button below. The plan is updated on a regular basis as new information and guidelines emerge.

Urban Academy Transportation Plan


Urban Academy has a comprehensive traffic management plan to ensure student safety and respect for our neighbourhood.


In collaboration with HASTe transportation planner, we have created a pamphlet and map to ensure student safety, low impact on the neighbourhood and encourage environmentally friendly options to travel to and from school.


Please see our map with details of parking permitted and no parking zones in the neighbourhood.

Underground Drive-through

Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten students
  • Parents with children in JK, are permitted to park for 10 minutes in the parking lot behind the school to bring their young children to class.
Grades K–12 students
  • Parents of students in Grades K–12 are welcome to drive into the underground parkade each morning.
  • Students are not permitted to exit their vehicle until it has come to a stop at the sidewalk.
  • Cars are required to pull up as far as possible along the sidewalk before coming to a complete stop in order to keep traffic moving.
  • Students are required to exit their vehicle safely on the sidewalk side of the vehicle, which is supervised by staff.
  • Supervision during morning drop-off in the parkade, on the crosswalks around the school, and the JK and K entrance, is provided by staff who help direct traffic.
  • Parking on Rousseau Street directly in front of the school is not permitted and must be kept clear at all times.
  • Please follow the directions of staff supervising traffic management at all times.
  • Please remember that all parking in the underground parkade is for staff use only, and parents are not permitted to park there at any time.
School Pick-up
  • In accordance with the Urban Academy Neighbourhood Parking Map, parents and guardians may use on-street parking in the streets around the school, walk to the school building to meet their children, and return to their vehicle in a timely manner.
  • Parents and guardians are required to be respectful of our neighbours and obey posted signage in the area.