Admissions Dates
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Urban Academy is fortunate to have a varied and rich parent and extended family/friend community who are willing and keen to share their expertise. Over the years, our teaching staff have integrated parents in various ways in their instruction. From developing web-based applications to learning about cultural festivities, hearing about innovative engineering projects and learning about international diplomacy from those who work in the field, many wonderful opportunities and experiences have come to be for UA students because of the willingness of community members to share their stories.


In order to be proactive in taking families up on their willingness to share their skills and passions, parents are able to complete a survey that gathers relevant information. Once that information is processed it is put in a database that our teaching staff is able to access in order to determine which parents have the expertise that may relate to their area of teaching and the curriculum. Often times, a parent or family member’s expertise may be relevant to grades other than the grade their child is in. So this process allows all staff to see the diversity in skills that we have in the UA Community!


To begin, community members will be asked to complete the Community Talent Survey below. Please be as thorough and thoughtful as possible when submitting your details. Should you have more than one area of expertise, such as a legal background (professional) and photography (hobby) please complete the survey twice. Once you submit your survey, the information will then be reviewed and logged into a database that teaching staff can access to learn a bit more about you and contact you directly.

It may take some time before your skill set matches up with a need in the curriculum, and it could be very likely it will be in a different grade than that of your child, but we are grateful for your willingness to share your skills with Urban Academy Students!