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what we stand for

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our most important principles help us shape who we are, where we’re going and what we want to be. This is our passion, our key to success and the essence of what we believe in. We are connected to the real world, committed to evolving education, and we represent a hub where future leaders and innovators come to learn.

Our vision

Where We Are Going

We are educating for tomorrow.

Our school began with a vision to enhance the educational experience. Clear, tangible plans help us to reach our goals as well as to achieve the tremendous growth that we have experienced so far. We continuously seek to understand and respond to the changing landscape for the benefit of all learners.

Our Mission

How We Get There

Connected through learning.
Inspired by community.
Empowered to contribute.

We believe that inspired education comes from both within and outside of our walls with the goal of impacting today and tomorrow for the better.

A teacher and middle school students working on a math problem together.

Our values

At Urban Academy, We Value:
  • Future – Focussed Education: We inspire optimism for the future by emphasizing academic excellence, skills and values needed in an ever-changing world.

  • Belonging: We recognize the unique lived experiences, identities, and perspectives of our community, where everyone feels respected, included, safe and supported to be their authentic self.

  • The Entrepreneurial Spirit: We encourage creativity, experimentation and risk-taking in an environment that recognizes success and failure as opportunities for adaptability, resilience and growth.

  • Changemaking: We cultivate a culture of responsible stewardship and social awareness, inspiring our community to make a difference locally and beyond.