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Embark on a Journey of a Lifetime: Urban Academy Unveils Major Trips Locations Roadmap

Urban Academy is thrilled to share the highly anticipated locations of our Major Trips program, an extraordinary opportunity for students to embark on immersive adventures that complement their classroom learning. These optional trips are designed to provide enriching experiences, foster cultural understanding, and equip students with essential life skills. We believe that travel can be […]

UA Clubs: Learn, Lead & Laugh!

May 26, 2022 Student life is important at Urban Academy, and that extends far beyond the classroom. Clubs provide extra-curricular opportunities and plenty of fun along the way! From athletics to board games to bucket drumming, there’s something for everyone at UA. Clubs for Problem Solving Through Creativity & Construction For the junior students, a […]

Loaf-ers of Knowledge: Junior Science at UA

April 28, 2022 Science is thriving at Urban Academy– not just for our older students in labs and lessons, but our younger ones too! Hands-on science labs are a great way to bring learning to life and students are always excited to learn in practical ways. Vinegar & Bubbles & Toy Squids, Oh My! For […]

Grades 6-8 Explorations: New Creative Worlds to Realize

March 31, 2022 Learning isn’t a linear journey. Sometimes it’s best to have a steady stream of a subject matter over a longer period of time, but some subjects are better as a concentrated deep dive. That’s what students do in Explorations, a course for Grade 6-8 students where they learn and engage in one […]

ADST at UA: Robots, Animation, and Creativity Run Wild

March 10, 2022 Technology is constantly changing the world around us. As students move out of their high school experience, and into the real world, they need to be prepared for whatever advancements come their way. Urban Academy is staying on the cutting edge of the changing times with our programs that provide an outlet […]

UA Olympics: Students Recreate and Create Their Own Competitions

March 2, 2022 Olympic Fever has swept through Urban Academy as the junior athletics department led the UA Olympics! All throughout the Olympic season, grade K-4 students have watched clips from the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and replicated them in their P.E. classes. Rolling rocks make for curling, pool noodles make for torches, and cheering […]

Outdoor Education at UA Lions go Skating, and Skiing, and Tubing – Oh My!

February 17, 2022 When the world gets in the way of large group activities inside, it’s time to go outside! That’s what Urban Academy did this winter with Outdoor Education. UA’s Student Life team led the school in hosting UA’s first Winter Activity Day this past January 28th, followed by UA’s Senior Students spending the […]

Introducing UA’s Lion Leaders: Student initiative, collaboration, and community service

February 10, 2022 Leadership can be developed in many ways. As a student, having the opportunity to lead your house team and community is one of the most significant. Urban Academy has ample opportunities for student leadership, a current example of which is the establishment and growth of our very own UA Lion Leaders. Our […]

Parents, We See You!

April 29, 2020 It was the second week of our spring break. Day by day the walls felt as if they were closing in on us. The world was shutting down, our circles were closing in. This was a new experience for British Columbians and the worst part of it was that no one yet […]

Seeking the Silver Lining

April 16, 2020 The saying “necessity is the mother of invention” has never been as true as it is in these strange times. From managing how we get our groceries to reformatting how we deliver education, things have changed significantly for the human race. While many of these changes are challenging, such as the steep […]