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Weekly Update | November 12, 2021


November 12, 2021

Dear UA Parents,

It was a short week with lots of excitement and events at UA.

On Wednesday we had our Remembrance Day assembly with presentations and performances from students from the Junior, Middle, and Senior Schools. Remembrance Day assemblies are always such an important event on the school calendar. In our own families and communities, we have members who served and sacrificed long ago, but there are also many people who continue to serve and sacrifice today. This is an important time to remember individuals who have given so much so that we can enjoy the freedoms and lifestyle that we have in Canada today. It is a reminder of how fortunate we are to live in this country. On Thursday, our students were represented in the City of New Westminster Remembrance Day celebrations. If you missed the event online you can watch our contribution at 33:55 here.

Today students and staff participated in the inaugural Fall Activity Day. Our Junior students had a fun-filled afternoon with a variety of different activities, from art to obstacle courses and fun in the theatre. Meanwhile, our Middle and Senior Students participated all day in their House Teams in a number of activities. It began with a deafening Spirit Assembly in the gym culminating in a team cheer competition, followed by some team-building activities for each House Team including the selection of student leaders for each House Team. The afternoon was filled with a circuit of House Team challenges that saw the teams compete for points against one another. It was a high-energy day for sure, they should all sleep well.

A big thank you to Mr. Twaites and our Student Life team for beginning what I’m sure will be a well-loved tradition at Urban Academy!

Just a reminder that the Community AGM is coming up next Tuesday, November 16, at 7 pm, please pre-register to attend. An invitation was sent earlier this week including the Agenda, Annual Report, and Financials. We are looking forward to sharing a reflection of the year and a few upcoming plans with our families.

And finally, the Winter Concert tickets are now available – details were sent out earlier today.

Yours in education,

Mr. Slinger