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Weekly Update | April 9, 2020

April 9, 2020

Dear Urban Academy Families,

Thank you for a very good week. Our eLearning program is progressing well. Thank you for the positive feedback and the encouragement. This has been a tremendous amount of work and teachers are still putting in a lot of time to get the work right for students. We are working through the available resources and the best choices of software as we get more experienced with what functions well and what does not have the educational benefit we are seeking.

Our enrolment and re-registration is completing and we have full classes for next year with more families expressing interest. We are moving to virtual Admissions Information Sessions for now, using a new webinar as our format. If you have contacts or acquaintances who are interested in Urban Academy, please let them know that they can join the webinar for more information, we are able to accommodate many more guests with this format.

We are working our way through the changes the pandemic has made to our in-school commitments. Please email Ms. McNamara at m.mcnamara@urbanacademy.ca to let her know if you would like a refund of your Gala ticket or if you would prefer to donate your ticket to the school and receive a tax receipt. Thank you to our families for the ticket price donations, it is very appreciated. A reminder also that tax receipts for childcare are available at our school office; we are happy to scan them to you upon request. Regarding PAX Hot Lunch, our PAX lead on this program, Joanne Ward, would like to thank all of you for your support of PAX Hot Lunch this past school year. Please note that all hot lunch orders going forward have been suspended, and you will now see a credit on your Munchalunch account.

I hope all of you are staying healthy and safe during this time. It has certainly given all of us cause to be thankful for our amazing health care providers, the nimble response of the government to provide direction, and our very Canadian ability to pull together as a society. This is a wonderful opportunity to discuss with our children the responsibilities we have as citizens without causing them undue worry, to have them learn of the possibilities to serve and contribute to our community. They are able to benefit from discussions at home regarding donating to the local food bank to help families in need, the value of donating blood to support our health care system or supporting elderly neighbours, just to name a few opportunities to work together in this time of pressure on our communities. Enjoy the lovely Easter weekend and we look forward to being in contact with you again on Tuesday morning.

Mrs. Cheryle Beaumont
Head of School