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Weekly Update | October 12, 2018

October 12, 2018

Dear Urban Academy Families,

It has been a glorious autumn week, the weather is lovely and the colours are starting to turn. It is also cooler, especially in the mornings. Please ensure that your child has outdoor wear that will allow them to play outdoors, we take the students out everyday and having outdoor wear that is compliant with uniform expectations is critical. InSchoolWear has beautiful jackets in stock at their Burnaby store and we expect all families to have outdoor wear, including toques and boots, that comply with the Uniform Manual as well as being warm and snug for outdoor activity. A second outdoor aspect to bring to primary parents’ attention is the playground at Robson. We are pleased to make it available to families after school until 4pm, but parents must actively supervise their child. Please go out with them to the playground and intervene directly if you see issues arise. This makes it a safe environment for everyone to enjoy.

Our Annual Appeal is just starting week two and already we are well past the $20,000 mark! Families are completing on their contribution to the Appeal and we urge you to select the level you wish to contribute at and get your donation in. We have attached another copy of the donor form to this email for your convenience. It is a necessary part of providing the learning opportunities for your child and our focus continues to be on outfitting the necessary supplies and equipment for our new school. Please take a few minutes to complete the donor form and drop it off or email it if you are using credit card information. We have had requests for Appeal packages to be mailed to grandparents directly from the school and we are happy to do so if that works for your family. Just let us know names and addresses and we can send grandparents a package to support their grandkids’ school. Thank you so much to our families who have already contributed, it is most deeply appreciated.

Have an enjoyable and relaxing weekend with your family and we will see everyone on Monday morning.

Mrs. Cheryle Beaumont
Head of School