Head of School’s Weekly Message

May 10, 2019

Dear Urban Academy Families,

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers in our community. We very much enjoyed hosting our annual Mother’s Day Tea in our new school. We are adjusting the format of most activities to accommodate to our new space. The elementary students enjoy this tradition and look forward to hosting their moms. As a heads up for our new families, fathers get their day on June 14 when we host you for breakfast with your JK-Grade 5 children. Dads, please put this in your calendar and plan to accompany your child to school that morning to enjoy breakfast with them in the foyer and spend a few minutes in their classroom at the beginning of the day.

We are starting to put the year end activities into operation. Our new families will not have been part of the Report Card ceremonies before. At the third term, our teachers host parents as we provide each child with their report card and you will want to ensure that you have put this morning event in your calendars. At this point, we anticipate holding the elementary Report Card ceremonies first at approximately 10:30am on June 26 with dismissal for all JK-Grade 5 students at 11:15am. We are hosting Commencement this year along with our Grade 6-12 Report Card ceremonies and that will begin at 11:30am, immediately following the elementary ceremonies.

Out of School Care registration is open for summer bookings and care will be provided throughout the entire summer. Business and administrative staff work throughout the summer however, we do shut down school operations for two weeks each summer and that closure will occur July 22-Aug 1, with the school office re-opening on Tuesday, August 6 after the long weekend.

We have some exciting news to share regarding our middle and senior UA Show Choir, under the direction of Mrs. Matlin Kilpatrick. They will travel to Disneyland next February to spend five days working and learning with professional performers at the Disneyland park! The UA Show Choir students will have an intensive program of instruction in all aspects of performance, culminating in an opportunity to perform live on stage at Disneyland. This is an amazing opportunity for our students and very unusual for such a young program and a smaller school to be chosen. It speaks to the quality of our maturing program and the excellent instruction that they are receiving in the Performing Arts, both in Music and Drama. We have some very excited students who are now rolling up their sleeves to do the work necessary in order to be ready.

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend!

Mrs. Cheryle Beaumont
Head of School

Posted on: May 13, 2019