Head of School’s Weekly Message

January 22, 2021

Dear UA Parents,

Another eventful week has come to an end at UA. It has been nice to get a reprieve from the rain and see the blue sky. It helps us to realize that daylight hours are steadily increasing. It was also nice to see the US Presidential inauguration happen without incident. Hopefully, this change will lead to less drama in the political news cycle.

Next week will be the final week for Mrs. Brandie Cristales at UA. I would like to thank Mrs. Cristales for her hard work and dedication to UA and the JK students. We will miss her and wish her luck in her future endeavours. While we say goodbye to Mrs. Cristales, we will be welcoming Mrs. Nyah Power back to UA after being on maternity leave. We are excited to have her back as part of the JK team.

Looking ahead to the weather forecast, it appears that we could have snow on Sunday night. As a reminder, we will send out an alert through MySchool in the morning by 6:30 am should there be any changes to the schedule. At the end of the day, it is up to every family to determine if it is safe for you to transport your child(ren) to school in inclement weather. We are also requesting that all students come to school in weather-appropriate clothing. They will be playing outside, and we would like to ensure they are dressed in cold weather outerwear.

We will see changes in the parking lot starting this week. Wesgroup will be erecting a fence as they begin the process of preparing their site to begin work on taking down the buildings at 100 Braid Street. This will leave us with just the parking spots that we lease from Wesgroup which include the staff spots along the fence and the spots in the second row. It is very important that all families adhere to the parking, drop-off and pickup procedures to ensure efficient routines for drop-off and pickup. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. For reference, we have attached a map that shows where the fence will be erected.

Thank you for your attention to all of these details that help Urban Academy run as smoothly as it does. Enjoy your weekend!

Yours in education,
Mr. Slinger

Posted on: January 25, 2021