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Weekly Update | February 19, 2021


February 19, 2021

Dear UA Parents,

I hope everyone enjoyed the long Family Day weekend, I for one really appreciated the extra day off on the weekend. This week we heard about the amazing feat of human ingenuity from NASA. When you think about what was accomplished with the successful landing of the Mars Perseverance Rover on the surface of Mars, it is so inspiring. I know it gives me hope that if we work together and commit to a task, people can do incredible things! This provides me with hope for the future. There are a number of significant issues that our planet faces and I look forward to the creative solutions that the students we are educating today will be part of putting forward. Click here to watch a short two-minute clip from ABC News about the Mars Perseverance Rover landing.

Speaking of perseverance, I would like to acknowledge all the K-Grade 7 students who participated in the Read-A-Thon over the last few weeks. Collectively they read an astonishing 2,455 hours (or 102 days) in just 2 weeks. Another example of what we can accomplish when we work together and commit to a task!

Thank you to our teachers for their continued efforts as we head into the final two weeks of Term 2. Ms. MacLeod and I have just completed mid-year meetings with all the teaching staff and we are so pleased with the dedication they are showing to the students of UA and their long-term commitment to the school. As you know, we are currently in re-registration for the coming school year and placing a record number of successful new student applicants in available spots. It already appears that the vast majority of our primary and middle school grades will be at capacity or very close to capacity. This work coincides with finalizing teaching assignments and we are looking forward to making some announcements before Spring Break.

Please be sure to read to the bottom of the Weekly Update as there is a survey for parents to complete regarding vehicle information, as well as an update regarding next Friday’s Pink Shirt Day.

We had an unplanned fire drill this week which allowed us to test our processes around evacuations. The students and staff did an excellent job of exiting the building efficiently. One thing that became apparent in our debrief of the drill is that often there are students who are away whose absence has not been communicated to us. Parents, please ensure that if your child will be away, or late, that you call the Administration Office or email admin@urbanacademy.ca to let the school know. Equally as important is to make sure that when students arrive late to school, they come to the office to sign in before going to class.

Have a great weekend, one more week in February. Let’s finish the month off strong and healthy.

Yours in education,

Mr. Slinger