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Weekly Update | October 18, 2019


October 18, 2019

Dear Urban Academy Families,

Thank you to the many members of our community who have reached out to me with expressions of good will and congratulations upon the news shared this week. It is an exciting time for UA as we steadily work toward our goals and an excellent time to look to future leadership. We still have a very busy year ahead of us with a lot of work to complete together however, the processes to move forward will unfold in an intentional and thoughtful manner, taking the needs of the school into consideration. Your kind words are most appreciated.

Today our school is hosting 43 guests from all other ISABC schools, in the field of Admissions, Advancement, Marketing and Communications. ISABC schools take turns hosting professional groups from all aspects of school administration and professional instruction and our UA staff benefit from attending these meetings at the other schools as well. This month alone we have staff attending Science, Library and Modern Language meetings. I will host all of the Heads in January and we will host Athletic Directors in June. It is a wonderful opportunity to network, learn together and keep abreast of changes in education with the independent schools with whom we have the most in common.

Our girls’ volleyball continues to have an exciting season, playing hard. This week we hosted École des Pionniers on Tuesday after school. We belong to both ISABC and Greater Vancouver Independent Schools Athletic Associations for our athletic events, so it is wonderful to be able to host other local independent schools for events.

The weather is getting cooler and students require more than their school cardigan to play outdoors. Just a reminder that outerwear must comply with the school Uniform Policy, navy or black with no non-UA logos. Some students have started to wear tights under kilts, which is fine provided they are navy tights only, not leggings or tights in black or light blue.

Have a wonderful weekend with your family.

Mrs. Cheryle Beaumont
Head of School