UA Clubs: Learn, Lead & Laugh!

May 26, 2022

Student life is important at Urban Academy, and that extends far beyond the classroom. Clubs provide extra-curricular opportunities and plenty of fun along the way! From athletics to board games to bucket drumming, there’s something for everyone at UA.

Clubs for Problem Solving Through Creativity & Construction

For the junior students, a highlight to be found is the Construction Club, a hub for lego-heads and budding engineers from K to Grade 3. With the sections for Grade 1 & 2 students led by Ms. Agrawal, the weekly meetings are bursting with new ways to problem solve as the weekly prompts ask students to think outside the box to meet their inspiration. “When they look at the board, whatever I’ve written, they start to calculate what they’re going to make. [After just three seconds] they start making it. I think that creation comes to them naturally.”

The club hasn’t just sparked student creativity, but significant amounts of enthusiasm. “Whenever they see me, they say ‘can we do construction club?’” laughs Ms. Agrawal. As a scientist herself, Ms. Agrawal also finds that students are able to test hypotheses as they try out different ways of meeting the task. It also supports the development of fine motor skills and collaboration. There is an opportunity in each club session for growth and ingenuity!

Clubs for Student Leadership Opportunities & Building Confidence

For Middle School Students, there are not just clubs for students, but clubs led by students as well. Several of those have been led by Ayyan, a Grade 6 student whose credits include hosting the Chess Club and, most recently, the Public Speaking Club. Ayyan puts together the curriculum for the Public Speaking Club himself with the aid of the club’s sponsor, Ms. Albertson.

Club leadership offers students a chance to be a leader to their peers and bring them together to learn and revel in a common interest. When asked about student involvement, Ayyan says that the ‘resilience’ of students and their ability to pick up new skills has stuck with him. “They’ve really adapted and they’ve gotten really good,” he continued. “They’re very kind as well which makes the club fun.” Other student-led clubs include the Creative Writing Club and the Craft Club where Middle Schoolers lead Junior School Students.

Clubs for Promoting Community Initiatives & Positive Change

Senior Students in particular have clubs that focus on channelling their abilities and desires to lead positive change. The Eco Club, led by Ms. Marsh, held its inaugural meeting in January and consists of many Grade 11 and 12 Students and has big plans for making UA a greener place. The meetings have become brainstorming power sessions full of ideas, the first of which being implemented is a recycling presentation offered to the whole school. As the club grows in vision, it has big things in store for UA as it has its sights set on getting the school Eco-Certified and involving the parent and neighbour community as well.

“That is my vision for the group,” said Sr. School Science Teacher Ms. Marsh, who has experience leading with environmental groups. “I hope we can have parents and other community members involved if we had some kind of bigger events; I would love to have parents help in some way that can impact our ability to support positive change.”

Across the grades, the opportunities to try new things, make a change and have fun are abundant in student groups.

?: Ms: Jean

Posted on: May 25, 2022