Experiential Learning

At Urban Academy, learning transcends the classroom, and outdoor education is an integral learning tool at each grade level. We fully believe that meaningful learning happens through integration, so it’s no surprise that our outdoor education program is extensive.

cross-curricular approach

By linking activities such as water sports to physics, and mountain exploration to biodiversity, students apply their studies to the world.

outdoor education curriculum

Students are encouraged to take risks and challenge themselves physically, demonstrating courage and leadership through new experiences. They build brain power, overcome obstacles, learn to work together and grow in their self-confidence.

Sometimes a change of scenery makes all the difference

Spending time outdoors motivates children to learn, keeps them attentive, develops their cognitive and social abilities, improves academic performance, stimulates the imagination, and improves classroom behaviour. At Urban Academy, outdoor education is an integral learning tool at each grade level.

Pre-Primary |


Students are introduced to science using rocks and outdoor elements to build structures, create instruments, write music, and explore the world around them. They go on weekly nature walks to the Hume Park forest and stream to observe the changes in the seasons, and observe shadows to learn about the sun, clouds, and time of day. Considerable learning takes place by connecting with nature and exploring the surrounding neighborhood.

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Junior School |

K - Grade 3

At Urban Academy, learning is connected to our local environment. Students are energized and connected to their studies by actually getting out and experiencing what they are learning about. They enjoy recess outdoor play time, nature walks, trips to science world and so many opportunities to learn from the environment. Teachers take classroom learning beyond the classroom walls at every available opportunity during the regular school week.

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Lower Middle |

Grades 4 - 5

Students venture into the outdoor environment each week to observe how the scenery is changing, enjoy recess and daily physical activity outdoors, and also take Physical Education and Science labs outside. They use their environments for inspiration for poetry and literacy, drawing inspiration from the beauty of nature and will experience a variety of field studies that help build a connection between in-class learning to real life. Students also explore Mount Seymour for snowshoeing and skating days, and participate in camp at the end of the year. House competitions such as intramurals and brain challenges allow for cross grade connection and sometimes some healthy competition. Further, students use outdoor elements in their art projects, bringing found items in and use them in new and thoughtful ways.

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Upper Middle |

grades 6 - 8

Students use the environment as inspiration for poetry and literacy, and attend Mount Seymour Ski trips twice a year. The Outdoor Education program integrates subjects like rock climbing, dragon boating, hiking and water survival with core academics. Learning throughout the year connects outdoor experiences to environmental sciences and stewardship and First Nations culture. Physical Education class also integrates new outdoor activities including archery, golf, hiking, snowshoeing, skating and more. Students create art with elements found outdoors including sticks, rocks and flowers. Camp week at the end of the school year allows students to experience diverse outdoor challenges and build independence.

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Senior School |

grades 9 - 12

Urban Academy Grade 9-12 students get outside and explore the wild. With a Whistler ski trips, excursions like Bamfield Marine Science Centre, art projects with outdoor elements and outdoor inspiration for poetry and literacy projects, it isn't hard to see the impact outdoor learning has on students. Senior students also have access to an Outdoor Education program integrating activities like rock climbing, bobsledding, hiking and water survival with core academics. Physical Education integrates new activities outside, and a camp week at the end of the year further allows students to discover the great outdoors while demonstrating their leadership skills.

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Urban Academy focuses on creative perspectives in learning, enabling students to develop their own processes.

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Urban Academy innovates the way learning happens, bringing the latest breakthroughs into every aspect of the educational experience.

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Being involved in the lessons allows students develop their skills while absorbing new knowledge.

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We don't just ask our students to reach their potential. We make it happen.

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We encourage even our future students to ask questions.

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We believe that by inspiring children, they will accomplish great things.

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