Returning To The Classroom

The following information is provided to parents in preparation for return to classes June 1. We are looking forward to welcoming our students and our families back. Parents who have elected to have their children return to the classroom, have received information regarding their child's attendance according to the direction schools were provided by the Minister of Education regarding attendance limits. Essential service workers have also been accommodated to the best of our ability, taking direction from the Provincial Health Officer.

Parents and staff need to assess their health and that of their children and household members each day before arriving at the site. If someone in your household is ill, do not send your child(ren) to school. If your child presents any symptom of illness, you will be required to collect them and keep them at home until fully recovered.

JK -Gr. 5 Outline

• Up to half of each class in attendance at any one time.
• Students will have homeroom core academic instruction most of the day with one specialist teacher each day. The specialist teacher will plan something that is enjoyable for students to participate in but may not necessarily be the same as what they could undertake with a full class.
• The exception to this is French, which will remain as eLearning for each grade, and a schedule of French eLearning will be provided by grade.
• Students will stay in their classrooms during the day of instruction and teachers will come to them. We will assign the same specialist teacher to each grade group class to reduce the number of exposures to both students and staff.
• Friday is a day of eLearning posts, with an array of open-ended activities that do not require a lesson or a video.
• Teachers will inform parents how much should be accomplished and what may be assessed as we move toward the end of June.

Gr. 6-12 Outline

• Students will have in-class instruction one day per week. The email with this attachment outlines the day assigned to each grade. Students will have four core academic classes per day with one non- academic/elective course during their day of in-class instruction.
• In addition to the in-class day of instruction, students will have one Zoom class per week per academic course. Elective and non-academic courses will provide one Zoom class per week per course. We will provide the Zoom schedule mid to late next week so that families and students can prepare.
• The exception to this is French which will remain fully eLearning.

Health & Safety Details

Please ensure that you review the attachment below that includes information on the following:
• Drop-off and pickup
• Bringing materials back to school
• Recess, lunch and play time
• eLearning for the remaining school year until June 23rd
• Safety, hygiene and cleaning in the building

Thank you for your attention to all of these details in our efforts to keep our students, staff and families safe in our return to the classroom.

Health & Safety Details