Head of School’s Weekly Message

February 14, 2019

Dear Urban Academy Families,

It has been quite a week! The beautiful and mild winter took a distinct turn this week. It was lovely outside for students to have fun in the snow and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It was not so great for our exterior work on our new school, however we are back at it in full force. Thank you to our parent volunteers who helped with salting and snow removal to ensure that both Robson and Uptown driveways and sidewalks were as clear and safe as we could make them.

We have had to cancel the Body Science and Sexual Health workshops and parent evening due to the uncertainty of the weather and will re-schedule those sessions. The rest of our work should go on as scheduled. Our Professional Day tomorrow is devoted to planning activities, supervision, orientation and transition for students into the new school.

Thank you to our families that have signed up for the orientation sessions next week. We will send the materials out electronically for those families who are not able to be with us. The parking permit passes and drop-off passes for families at the new site will be made available at the beginning of next week. Families will remember from the last newsletter on the move that JK, K and OOSC families only will be offered short-term passes to park for a ten-minute drop at a nominal price. If you wish to avail yourself of this service, you will need to have your pass before opening day. They will be available for sale from Mrs. McNamara starting Tuesday, February 19 at Robson and families will need to commit for the full four months remaining of the school year. JK, K and OOSC families who do not choose to use the permit pass system are welcome to find a spot on an adjoining street to park but you will not be admitted to the site if you do not display a permit. You would need to find parking elsewhere and walk in as we have noted. Our staff and security team will be there to guide you and ensure that you end up in the right place. Grade 1 to 12 families will be issued passes at no cost for the parkade drop-off in their orientation packages at the meetings next week and can use those to access the site and drop off. We will go over all of this in detail at the meetings. It is wise to set time aside to go over the newsletters to prepare for the move and plan what is needed in the next three weeks. The safety of the students is the highest priority and we all need to work on the transition to successfully ensure that they get off to a good start in their new school and that we work well with tenants already on the site.

We are doing well with Gala ticket sales – over 200 sold so far so it will be a wonderful evening, and a great chance to celebrate. Enjoy the Family Day weekend with your children. I hope you all have something wonderful planned. We will see you on Tuesday.

Mrs. Cheryle Beaumont
Head of School

Posted on: February 14, 2019