Head of School’s Weekly Message

April 5, 2019

Dear Urban Academy Families,

What a glorious week of spring weather! Even though we experienced our first rainy day in weeks (a good chance to try out an “in day” in the new gym!) we have been able to enjoy amazing weather and a chance to have kids outside on decks and at the park.

The community will be aware that over the last number of months the concern with children not immunized in accordance with the regular schedule of childhood vaccinations is a growing concern for public health, particularly centered on those who are vulnerable to contracting the measles virus. Schools in BC are now expected to co-operate fully with Health Authorities on providing contact information on families so that any unvaccinated children can be contacted to offer the opportunity for vaccination. We have co-operated with this and some of our families may be contacted by Fraser Health on this topic.

Earlier in the year we postponed our Science Expo as it coincided with the move to our new school. However, just a reminder to our larger community that Science Expo is on the go this Tuesday, April 9 from 1:15-2:30pm in the Learning Commons on the third floor and all are invited to view student work. Our middle school students have done a great job under Ms. Herman’s guidance and we look forward to viewing their work.

We had planned our second Parent Education night for this coming week as well, hosting Dr. Sharon Arnold, a respected local psychologist, on the topic of Childhood Anxiety. Dr. Arnold, regrettably, has had to unexpectedly re-schedule this date. We will work with her to bring her message to UA in the fall and will see if we can offer an alternative this spring for parents.

Report cards go home on Wednesday with all students and Student-Led Conferences and interviews are being scheduled for Thursday and Friday of next week. Please ensure that you have signed up for a Student-Led Conference for those in JK-Grade 4 or a Parent Teacher interview for those students in Grades 5-12. Grade 5-12 opportunities are available on PCR and Student-Led Conference appointments are available in our foyer for you to sign up at a selected time. We look forward to seeing you next week. It has been a full term on all fronts, but teachers and students have been focused on achievement and the results are excellent.

Have a lovely weekend. We look forward to seeing everyone with us again on Monday.

Mrs. Cheryle Beaumont
Head of School

Posted on: April 5, 2019