Head of School’s Weekly Message

Hello Parents,

First of all, apologies to anyone who has watched one of the recent home basketball games with me in the gym as I tend to be quite enthusiastic. But it is wonderful to see the progress in the program, and the excitement of our teams and athletes from our youngest to our oldest players. Our Grade 7 boys had their hard work and dedication pay off with a big win against Brockton this week. The energy in the gym during games has been electric, and it’s a great sight to see our students’ passion and teamwork on full display.

In addition to sports, students have been busy exploring and learning outside of the classroom. Recent field trips have been a great way for them to experience hands-on learning outside of the classroom. We can also tell that it must be halfway through the year with the music emanating from the theatre. Our show choirs, bands, and other performances have been sounding fantastic, they will be well prepared for the spring showcases!

A real highlight for me this week was checking out our Science Fest in the super lab put on for our Grade 4’s by our Grade 9’s. Our Grade 9’s shone brightly as they planned and became the teachers with a range of exciting science experiments and activities. This was a great opportunity for our younger students to be inspired by their older peers and try their hands at different experiments.

We are glad we’re sending you out into a sunny Friday afternoon. Enjoy your weekend.

All the best,

Ms. Sonja Kennedy
Director of Development

Posted on: February 10, 2023