Our Community

our communityUrban Academy is privileged to be composed of parents and family members who have a wide variety of expertise.  From business professionals to talented actors and community leaders, we draw on a multitude of skills and abilities to enrich our school community.   Parents share their talents by working with teachers to present topics related to their expertise, which allows students to connect learning to the outside world.

Parents also support student learning experiences beyond the school walls.  From helping out in our school’s organic garden, attending a field trip to the BC legislature, or helping students engage in a community service project, drawing on the passion and strengths of the wider UA family allows for learning and personal growth in a variety of unique and creative ways.

Our community is our strength and foundation.  It is also a wonderful opportunity to connect with others who are also committed to offering their children an enhanced educational experience.  Parents are encouraged to attend our Back to School BBQ, Winter Concert, Gala, Spring Play, Mother’s Day Tea, or Artastic Art Show.  Our community is strong because we know and care about one other. 

"Since being at Urban Academy my child's confidence and motivation has grown immensely.  The positive feedback she has received from her teachers has made her proud of herself and given her the strength to work through challenges.  As a direct result of the close knit community, her interpersonal skills with her peers and younger children has developed and she is growing into a confident and kind friend as well as a leader." Parent of Grade 3 UA Student