TechnologyUrban Academy is committed to preparing our students for the careers of the future.  This means preparing them with the skills required to be ready for an uncertain world.  Equipping students with technology, teaching them how to use it to support their academics and exploring the virtues and challenges of the internet are paramount in their development.  

From MacBook Pros, mimeos and iPads, to a plethora of educational apps and software, students are offered many opportunities to explore the world using technology. They are introduced to tools that enhance student learning and are offered endless opportunities with a multitude of digital activities as part of their Information Technology classes.

TechnologyThe creative arts are also enhanced through technology by exploring such things as sound editing, movie making and graphic design technology. Beginning in Kindergarten, students start to learn about language based apps to help further their reading skills. Intermediate students build personalized ePortfolios where they document their individual learning in academics, arts, athletics and other extra-curricular activities using a customized Wordpress website to actively demonstrate some of their best work including reflections on their progress. They begin to hone their typing skills in middle school to encourage more efficient use of technology. Senior students delve even further into the world of technology in IT class, using all they have learned to conduct research, build presentations and create multimedia projects.

Technology cannot be introduced without also teaching students the wider implications and responsible use. Digital citizenship is an essential component of information technology education to explore relevant topics such as use of media in our daily lives, online scams and phishing, and understanding the implications of plagiarism. Urban Academy students are prepared digital citizens, well positioned for successful post-secondary careers.