Senior Years (Grades 9-12)

Igniting Leadership For Positive Change

Senior years

Our Senior Years Program is focused on defining students’ future and their contribution to the world. They grow in their awareness of the impact they can have while still deeply rooted in their studies. Through a series of curriculum driven projects, students will graduate with a genuine sense of self-awareness, a desire to be a positive force for change in the world and the knowledge of where to begin.

Through the curriculum at each grade level, students engage in project activities that ignite their determination to be leaders in their post-secondary lives. Guided by their studies and teachers, students undertake engaging projects that empower them to develop an awareness of the interconnectedness of our world.

Further exploration of First Nations communities in Canada and internationally, help students develop a greater sense of empathy and social justice. Linking back to the curriculum, students gain a deeper understanding of how their actions impact the world, and how they can apply their learning to be effective problem solvers and change agents.

Technology, science, creative and math based assignments continue to refine students’ problem solving skills. Students actively build an eportfolio throughout their senior years further demonstrating their knowledge of effective digital citizenship. Participation in Outdoor Education and extra-curricular activities will reinforce their sense of awareness and confidence in their ability to persevere.

In their final year of study, students are required to produce a major paper reflecting on their strengths and weaknesses, and how that knowledge can be applied to the world. They are expected to work with an advisor on their paper and presentation of the final product is a part of their eportfolio and their graduation requirements. Students exhibit their thesis in a visual presentation inspiring younger students to demonstrate how they too can be the leaders of the future.

The Urban Academy approach to education culminates in the senior years, building on the skills developed early on.  The program ultimately equips students to be successful academically, but also positions them to be well prepared for their post-secondary careers, confident in their abilities and a true understanding of where they fit given their unique make up, and how they can impact the word.

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