Reggio Emilia JK Program

JK DrawingThe Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education comes from Italy and has been developed specifically for the pre-school aged child. The role of the Reggio teacher is to balance the engagement and attention of the child. Based on careful and sensitive listening, observation/documentation and reflection with other adults, teachers serve as resources and guides for the children. Urban Academy Junior Kindergarten Teachers are a highly trained Reggio instructors. They are especially trained in the visual arts work to encourage expression through different media and symbol systems. The JK environment is organized to be rich in possibilities and provocations that invite the children to undertake extended exploration and problem solving.

There is also a significant focus on documentation and sharing the learning journey with parents. With a password protected blog, parents can check in and see what children are learning about during the day, see the art and creativity that the children are producing, and read the conversations that the students are having.

You will also notice in Reggio classrooms that there are many tools, activities and materials from the outside environment.  Children use all sorts of materials from rocks, sticks and leaves to shadows, nature and the weather to learn new ideas.  They are introduced to early math, reading, social studies and science concepts through their observations with the outside world.  Being across the street from a park and duck pond brings with it endless possibilities!

Reggio Emilia also promotes reflective practices to help educators to better understand the learning context, assess the needs and responses of their students, and analyze "what works and what does not" on an ongoing basis. We recognize that with every new group of students, our approach must be adjusted to follow the needs of the student group, bringing with it another year of adventure!