Parent Equity Unit Program

As part of the enrollment process, families are required to purchase Parent Equity Units worth $5,000 each. Families of students in Kindergarten to Grade 12 are responsible for purchasing four (4) Parent Equity (PE) Units for a total of $20,000 per child, up to two children. Families of students in Junior Kindergarten are responsible for purchasing one (1) PE Unit. When the child enrolls in Kindergarten, the remaining three (3) PE Units must be purchased. These funds are used only for the property in which we operate and will be returned to you within 120 days of the child no longer being enrolled in Urban Academy. PE Units are collected on May 1st prior to the September that your child(ren) begins school.

This program has allowed Urban Academy to purchase and operate out of historic Robson Manor, and to grow and expand with the development of our school. The program ensures that our offering is enhanced by our physical space and helps us to keep tuition fees relatively low.    

We acknowledge that families may not have this capital on hand to invest outright.  As such, we encourage families to meet with their own financial institutions to secure financing for the program. Urban Academy has also established a relationship with Envision Financial to offer our families an interest only line of credit for the $20,000 investment. Parents enter into a relationship with Envision, with interest rates starting at prime plus 1%. This amounts to approximately $67 per month on top of tuition.  For further information regarding this program, please see the Envision Financial Offer Letter.  Should you wish to apply for their line of credit, be sure to complete the Member Profile to expedite the process.  Please note that interest rates will vary depending on each unique financial situation, and is established between your family and the financial institution of your choice.

For further details on this program, please review our Parent Equity Unit Fact Sheet.  Further details about the program will be offered at the time of a school tour.