Middle School Years (Grades 6-8)

Discovering Courage & Citizenship

Middle school yearsThe Middle years at Urban Academy offers students the opportunity to demonstrate self-awareness, responsibility and discover unique interests. Students draw connections between their academic learnings and the world around them. Their firm understanding of self, other and community allows them to take the next step in learning about the impact they can and do have on a local, provincial and national scale.

Through the curriculum, they gain a deeper understanding of their roles as citizens. They focus on the idea of environmental, social and personal sustainability and the local, provincial and global impact they have as individuals and a wider society. Their Science Expo focuses on social issues and challenges, and demonstrates a position and solution that will improve the community. They demonstrate their knowledge through many opportunities for public speaking. Extra-curricular activities such as Debate Club challenge UA Middle Schoolers to communicate the ideas that they are exploring.

By working on long term projects that culminate in arts-infused projects, they are able to demonstrate an understanding of the curricular concepts taught.  Through music and drama performances, the Artastic Art exhibit and Artists in Residence, students are further exposed to the richness of the world around them an build confidence in their abilities.  

Middle schoolers at Urban Academy delve deeper into the world of technology.  They learn about digital citizenship and safety, and develop their tech skills to prepare them for a rapidly evolving future.  

A significant outdoor education component takes learning outside the classroom. With an Outdoor Education learning initiative planned approximately every six weeks, middle school students are able to apply their skills, take personal risks and have the opportunity to understand that learning through exploration, movement and physical experiences can cement both their personal identity and the concepts learned in the classroom. By linking activities such as rock climbing to geology and physics, snowshoeing to early explorers and First Nations studies, and camp to environmental stewardship, students apply what is learned in the classroom to real world experiences, and are able to master new challenges and build confidence.

Students continue to learn that engaging in their studies and applying themselves results in a successful educational experience. They continue to grow in their ability to recognize challenges and begin to discover that they have the ability and the courage to positively impact the world around them – demonstrating the beginnings of truly effective citizenship.

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