Intermediate Years (Grades 2-5)

Empowering Diverse Perspectives

Intermediate years

The late primary/early intermediate years at Urban Academy allow students to expand their perspectives and learn to appreciate the diversity around them.  With a focus on culture and community, they enhance their understanding of the physical, cultural and digital world in which they live and their place within it. Students will be expected to start to demonstrate their learning and transfer knowledge across curricular areas using technology, research, the arts and presentation as vehicles to share information.

Empowering them to take action with regard to issues that they are passionate about, they begin to learn that they can effect change, and have the chance to display their knowledge and passion in end of year’s Intermediate Exhibition.  

The process of building the skills necessary for this large scale Exhibition begins in Grade 2, leading to a group Exhibition project in the spring of Grade 5. Students learn about proper research and reporting skills as well as presentation and public speaking opportunities. With the support of mentors outside of their classroom teacher, students commit to this long term process to see the project to fruition. 

Over and above the Exhibition, four large scale cross-curricular topics are focussed on throughout the year to allow students to learn through inquiries. Learning to apply new skills to real life situations brings learning to life and helps students experience the richness in their potential. By infusing the arts into these projects, students are truly engaged in their learning and excited about presenting their ideas. Field study trips are also selected specifically for their connection to their inquiry units and give students the opportunity to make real world connections. 

The early intermediate school years also introduce students to a comprehensive technology program, including teaching students how to use the Internet responsibly. Through programs like Common Sense Media, students will learn about digital citizenship relevant to their age level. Apps are selected for each grade level and students learn Internet safety, powerpoint and typing skills.

There is also a significant and continued focus on social and emotional development through programs that allow students to explore how to make choices, work through challenges and become successful team members. 

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