Emotional Intelligence Learning

EI Learning

While most of the top schools in our province do an excellent job in helping students acquire intellectual skills and knowledge, many of them fall short in helping students achieve their potential in acquiring skills in the area of human compassion and wisdom.  Urban Academy is committed to developing the entire individual, particularly given that emotional intelligence has been shown to be critical to life-long success.

We teach students that everyone has the potential to be compassionate and can learn to listen attentively to one another. We can learn how to give up the need to be right in favour of the ability to collaborate and seek out creative solutions to difficult problems.  We can understand how to engage our courage and open our eyes to the world around us even when we may not like some of the things we may see.  We know our students want to live a life of purpose that is connected to their communities and to their world.

At Urban Academy, to support emotional intelligence development, we run various universal, classroom-based programs designed to increase students' school success and decrease problem behaviors by promoting social-emotional competence and self-regulation. The programs such as Mind Up, Igirl & Iguy teach skills that strengthen students' ability to learn, have empathy, manage emotions, and solve problems. The skills and concepts addressed taught are based on research that connects the development of social-emotional competence and self-regulation skills to success in school and life.

These programs are based on best practices for teaching students at each level and reflect the developmental needs of students at each grade level. From role plays to brain storming discussions, the program includes both structured and informal ways for students to practice and apply skills and concepts outside of lessons.  Each of the outcomes and goals of the programs support Urban Academy’s commitment to both academic excellence and to the development of students as emotionally well-rounded members of the community.


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