Early Primary Years (K-Grade 1)

Inspiring The Mindful Learner

Elementary Years

The early years in education are key in building a foundation upon which students can grow and develop into successful learners. At Urban Academy, we inspire students to develop a deep awareness of their identity: who they are, what they are passionate about, how they interact with others and what impact they have on their immediate world. The key developmental focus for the early primary years is to help students enhance their problem solving skills, help them develop resilience and encourage their mindfulness.

With an inquiry-based approach to the curriculum, students are introduced to large concepts (inquiries) as problems whose solutions require an understanding of numerous core subject areas (math literacy, science, the arts etc.). Through research, discussion and large scale projects, students can hone their problem solving skills while linking their learning to real life. Drama and Music specialists teach students new skills and further expose them to art and culture as well as introduce possible life-long talents and interests. 

Resiliency is a key developmental area that students require for educational growth and lifelong success. Learning new skills, being introduced to sports and physical activities or seizing the opportunity to take part in new concepts through extra-curricular clubs, students learn that they must put effort into learning new skills in order to build their competence. They also learn that some things may come easier than others, new initiatives can be challenging, but that continued effort brings rewards and increased self-reliance, building their confidence and resilience. 

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